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Reconnect & Rebuild:

A Journey to Healing Broken Bonds

An 8-Week Emotional Intelligence(EQ) Program with Dr. Dale: Restore Friends & Family Bonds and Thrive Together.

July 31st - September 25th Online via Zoom

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This Is Not Your Ordinary EQ Cohort

Program Overview

Embark on an 8-week journey with Dr. Dale Laing-Hall to transform all of your relationships. This Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program is designed to help you mend bonds, enhance communication, and foster deeper connections with your loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Guided Exercises: Practical exercises to enhance emotional awareness and communication skills.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops to explore EQ principles and apply them to real-life scenarios.
  • Personalized Coaching: One-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Dale for tailored guidance and support.

What Participants Will Learn:

  • Effective communication strategies to express feelings and resolve conflicts.
  • Emotional awareness techniques to understand and manage emotions.
  • Relationship-building skills to strengthen bonds and rebuild trust.

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Meet Your Host

Dr. Dale Laing-Hall

DR. DALE LAING-HALL is a highly accomplished Human Resources Executive with a doctorate in Business Administration and a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence(EQ). With a deep understanding of the critical role emotions play in personal and professional success, Dr. Dale empowers individuals and organizations to harness the power of EQ to drive positive change in their home life, in their workplaces and in their community.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dale Reports LLC., an online coaching program where she energically inspires countless businesses and professionals to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships and reach their peak performance by cultivating self-understanding, cultivating healthy relationships and empathy for others.

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“With open hearts and outstretched hands.

We reach across the distance, across the lands.

Through forgiveness and grace, we find our way. Reconnecting with loved ones, come what may.”

Program will cover the following:

Reconnect with Those You Miss

Resolve Conflict, Restore Harmony

Unlock Deeper Connection and Communication

Mend Bonds, Rebuild Trust

Cultivate a Stronger, Harmonious Family

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Benefits of Joining:

  • Restore Harmony: Mend broken bonds and cultivate a more harmonious relationship with your friends and family members.

  • Enhance Communication: Develop better communication skills to express yourself openly and listen empathetically.

  • Personal Growth: Gain insights into your emotions and behaviors, leading to personal growth and a happier life with loved ones.
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Expected Golden Results

  1. Enhanced Emotional Awareness: Participants will have a deeper understanding of their own emotions and how they influence their relationships with their siblings.

2. Improved Communication Skills: They will develop effective communication strategies to express themselves clearly and empathetically, leading to more meaningful interactions with their siblings.

3. Conflict Resolution Techniques: Participants will learn practical techniques to navigate conflicts constructively and resolve disagreements with their siblings.

4. Increased Empathy and Understanding: They will cultivate empathy towards their siblings, friends fostering a greater sense of understanding and connection.

5. Strengthened Bonds: Through guided exercises and personalized coaching, participants will experience stronger bonds and a renewed sense of trust with their loved ones.

6. Greater Personal Growth: Participants can expect personal growth and a happier, more fulfilling life with their loved ones.

July 31st - September 25th, 2024 | Online Zoom

Early Bird Price: $349 (Deadline July 3rd, 2024)

ONLY $497

Payment Plans: We offer 2-3 installment options to make it accessible to more people.

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Package Value: $2,500

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Reconnect with your siblings and rewrite your family story. Sign up now to start your journey today for more deeper connections and lasting happiness. I am waiting for you! See you on the inside.